Branding & Identity

CinRoz  believe that in order to create a successful brand, comprising first and foremost a  compelling logo design (visual mark) for your business, we need to develop a fundamental understanding of what makes you and your business different.

We then use the answers to these questions to develop an overarching brand and logo design for your business that closely informs the development of a range of peripheral creative solutions. Key branding services we offer are as follows:

  • Business naming and tagline formation
  • Brand research and evaluation
  • Identity and logo design and development
  • Identity and logo redesign (for existing brands seeking a refresh)
  • Style guide development including summary of individual brand elements

To view a range of CinRoz’s branding and logo design solutions, view our portfolio or contact us.

Your brand is all about how people feel about your business and isn’t confined to your logo and stationery. Your brand includes the tone of your social media updates, the clothes you wear in your photoshoots and even the way your employees talk to your customers. Keeping the message strong and consistent across your print, digital and social media platforms is key. As a studio we can do that for you.

Logo Design & Brandmark Design
Business Stationery
Brand Styleguides
Inspiration Boards


A company’s brand determines how customers interpret your business. Are you traditional, modern, safe or edgy? What audience are you targeting? Convey your business correctly with our complete branding package. This includes logos, letterheads, business cards, etc.


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